Tiger Men’s Basketball Update

Basketball season: a staple of the fall and winter in many high schools across the nation. And Central Magnet is no different. With a loss already under the Varsity team’s belt, some could say the season is off to a rocky start. But, with 20+ more games to go for the varsity team and the JV team not yet starting their season, this season has many twists and turns yet to be seen. Questions have arisen for the team, such as how will both the junior varsity and Varsity teams perform when over half the total number of players are sophomores? And how can a team that is starting out in a new district adapt to the new type of competition? 

To get some insight into the thoughts of the team, I interviewed sophomore Carson Wood, asked some questions, and got some solid responses. We first asked what he was looking forward to, and he said that he was looking forward to more fans coming back to games, especially home ones. When asked about road bumps the team was expecting, he said that changing districts would be pretty difficult, which is expected as they will be facing a lot of new teams and teams they are not used to much more often. When asked about how far the team would go in terms of winning this season, he said that they were expecting to make a deep run in the regional playoffs. Whether that prediction is realistic or not is up to personal opinion, as the teams district and overall record for the varsity team has hovered around .500 for the past two years, combined with the aforementioned district change and large number of sophomores. However, the team has a lot of hope and aspirations, which can earn any team a large amount of extra wins. The outlook for the next few years looks promising for the team, due to all of those sophomores. 

Overall, the team is looking for both a rebound in wins and in morale to try and make the atmosphere better than the tense, Covid precautioned season of last year. And with 20+ games to go this season, it should provide for an entertaining season for all. Most recently, on Friday, November 20th, the Tiger basketball team defeated STEM Prep Academy with a score of 59-30!

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