Middle School Production of Matilda Jr.

Our very own Central Magnet middle school theatre department is currently putting on their very first musical since the shutdown last year. Matilda Jr., based off the beloved children’s book Matilda by Roald Dahl, is showing December 3 and 4 at 7:00pm and December 5 at 5:00pm. You can find more details on Mrs. Sweet’s webpage. I talked with the director, Mrs. Sweet, about how it is coming along. 


ME: Since this is your first musical at Central, what lead you to choose Matilda Jr. as the musical? 

SWEET: I figured a Jr. show would be the perfect length for middle schoolers, and I thought it was a super cute story with great music. 

ME: What is what thing that has surprised you about the process so far? 

SWEET: I didn’t know what to expect as I had not worked with middle schoolers in a musical setting yet, but they have exceeded my expectations and have done a great job of keeping up with everything and we haven’t had to take any steps backwards. They are doing a great job. 

ME: What is one thing you would say to someone planning on seeing the show? 

SWEET: Get ready for a cute story and great singing! 

As someone who has been directed by Mrs. Sweet, I can assure you this is a show you won’t want to miss. 

I next spoke to Lily Stuible, who plays Matilda, and Caroline Hopper, who plays Lavender as well as Matilda’s understudy. 

ME: What is one way you and your character are similar, and one way you are different? 

LILY: One way that Matilda and I are similar is that we both stand up for what’s right and are never quiet. But she doesn’t watch tv and she loves to read! I am the opposite. 

CAROLINE: Lavender and I are similar because we are both all over the place and generally funny and crazy people. We also both love to dance and are “precious ballerinas”. One way we are different is that I like to stick up more for what I believe in, similarly to Matilda, than Lavender does. 

ME: What has been your favorite part of rehearsals so far? 

LILY: My favorite part would have to be the singing rehearsals. You get to sing your heart out and we goof off with everyone! 

CAROLINE: My favorite part of the rehearsal process is dancing because of how fun the choreography is and because of how much I enjoy dancing. 

ME: What are some challenges you have overcome? 

LILY: A challenge I’ve had is memorizing lines. It might be different for other people but for me, I have so many lines, so it is hard to remember them all. 

CAROLINE: Some things that have challenged me are having to memorize both of my characters parts in the musical and stepping in as an understudy. 

ME: What is the funniest part of the show? 

LILY: I think the funniest part is Nigel trying to spell the whole board. He is not good at it haha! 

CAROLINE: I think the funniest part is all the scenes with the Wormwoods because of how rude and stupid they act. 

ME: One last thing you want to say for those who want to come to the show? 

LILY: If you like music and stories, then you should definitely come see the play! It will have songs and dances, comedy, and creativity! 

CAROLINE:  the amount of talent and hard work that has been put into this show has made this show extravagant and full of comedy, fun and showing everyone that “nobody but you can change your story”. 


I think this is more than enough to prove that Matilda Jr will be a show to remember!  

The cast and stage crew are incredibly hard working and are giving it their all to work this show to its full potential. Once again, see Mrs. Sweet’s Central Magnet webpage or Twitter for more information.  

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