Gubernatorial Race

By: Mesom Okafor

If you weren’t aware already, Tennessee’s governor’s election is coming up! Since it’s important to make informed decisions about election, here’s few things to know about before choosing Tennesse’s 51st governor. 

 For the 2022 election, the primary republican candidate is Bill Lee, who is also currently serving as our governor. The primary democratic candidate is Jason Martin, who is a pulmonologist and critical care specialist. Constance Every, John Gentry, and a few less popular candidates are running independent. 

 Primary Republican Candidate Bill Lee’s main goals are to grow Tennessee’s economy, create more jobs, better education, make neighborhoods safer, and support rural communities. He lists his passions as providing quality education, economic development, public safety, and supporting families.  

Primary Democratic Candidate Jason Martin’s platform includes cannabis legalization, more federal funding for healthcare, an increase in federal funding for public education, and better paying jobs in an attempt at making Tennessee more inclusive. He prides himself on being very passionate about using more green energy, reforming criminal justice to stop targeting black communities, LGBTQ+ rights, and sensible gun laws.  

Independent candidate Constance Every is a former military member who founded nonprofits “Sleeves4Needs” and “Black Coffee Justice”. Her plans if elected involve gaining economic justice for underprivledged people, changing the future for the betterment of everyone, and legalizing cannabis. Her interests include helping the homeless, enriching the youth, supporting union work forces, advocating for mental health, and aiding veterans. Every says she is campaigning “for the people”. 

 The last popular independent candidate is John Gentry. He is a former Marine Corps soldier and has worked as a certified public accountant. Gentry’s main goals are to guarantee term limits for all state senators, representatives, and judges, and restore constitutionally protected rights and justice to our courts by holding the corrupt judiciary accountable. He wants to veto most legislation except those that ensure peace, safety, and happiness because he believes that Tennessee senators and representatives are passing legislation that is corrupt. 

 Now that you have some background information on the candidates, if you are eligible, please vote! Tennessee’s voter registration deadline is October 21, 2022. Early voting starts on October 19th and ends on November 3rd. Regular voting is on November 8th. For more information on the candidates , click on this link -> Tennessee Gubernatorial Election

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