Volleyball Recap

By: Ashlyn Mills

Volleyball season is in full swing here at Central Magnet! The girls’ most recent win was against Tullahoma High School, making this the second year in a row that our team has beaten them. Last week’s game lasted 4 sets, making it run long. The score throughout the game was close, each team bouncing back and forth between being in the lead. The first set of the game was won by our very own Central Magnet girls. Our girls were defeated in the painstakingly close second set but were able to pull through in the end. 

I interviewed Grace Martindale, a junior on the varsity team, to get the details of the match. Grace commented on the game saying, “The team played well together. We started off strong, we were really good in the first set. The second set was kind of downhill because of lack of communication.” Grace then goes on to say that the team played better in the third and fourth set. She mentions that the team’s communication had improved and together they were able to beat Tullahoma.  

The Lady Tiger’s match against Lawarence County Highschool was a long one, lasting 5 sets. Our Central girls played a tough game but ended up losing by two points; the final score was 13-15. Central has played 4 district games so far and have won 3. Their next game will be here in our very own gym on Tuesday, September 6th, against Summertown. Come out to support our team and see an exciting game! 

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