What a Great Day to Become a Tiger

By: Lola Brown & Noah Koenig

As students, we understand the excitement and first day jitters of going to a new school, but rarely do we ask teachers how they feel about it. To start off our year, we decided to talk to some of our new central staff, and really get some insight into their transition. 

Ms. O’Hara transferred here all the way from Texas. When we asked her why she decided Central was the school for her, she said she “was drawn to high academic and high achieving students, and [I] had the opportunity to step into a high school PE teaching role as well as after-school coaching responsibilities.” Ms. O’Hara is going to coach the swim team and the softball team this year, “which is completely new, and I’m really excited to learn a new sport and coach it to the middle school girls.” We’re sure that Ms. O’Hara is going to be an amazing influence and role model for her teams. Wanting to expand Central’s athletic base, Coach O’Hara tells us she wants to start a lacrosse team here at The Mag. 

 Ms. O’Hara isn’t the only new teacher excited to be here though. 

New to the English department, Ms. Nau has just joined us and we think she will be an amazing fit! She is teaching AP Seminar and AP Language and Composition. Her favorite part about Central so far is that “the atmosphere is unparalleled, and the community here is unique and unlike anything I’ve seen.” Ms. Nau is excited to join our wonderful family and connect with her students through more than just a classroom setting. Even though she has only been here a few weeks, she is already impressed with how involved the students are. While she is very enthusiastic about teaching English, Ms. Nau didn’t always think she was going to be teaching – she actually majored in piano! We’re glad Ms. Nau so excited to be here, and even more thrilled that she isn’t the only new English teacher this year. 

Also new to the English department, Ms. Eubanks is taking on Advanced Honors English 1, Honors English 1, and the Writing Lab. She became part of our community because she “had several students come here and I wanted to join them. Central has so many great things going on that I wanted to be part of the greatness.” There are many reasons to be ecstatic about working here, but her favorite so far is advisory: “I think it’s really cool that y’all do advisory, because I have seventh graders and I will get to be with them till they graduate. I think that’s so meaningful, and you don’t get that everywhere else.” Be sure to check out the writing lab, and if you can, drop in with a cup of coffee! 

Even though we are sure to miss the teachers that came before them, we are happy to welcome our new teachers into the Central family. These aren’t the only new teachers at The Mag this year though, Mr. Brindos, Mr. Kinney, Mr. McClellan, Ms. Nau, and Ms. Wiggens have also joined us this year. We have so many new teachers who will leave their mark on the halls of our outstanding school, and we hope to get to speak to more of them soon. So next time you see an unfamiliar face, whether it be a teacher or a student, don’t be afraid to say “hey”. We hope all of our new faculty and students are adjusting well, and don’t forget, it’s a great day to become a tiger!

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