Central <3's MUN

By Ella Kate Harris & Aubrey Walters

Last weekend, around 80 students from Central Magnet attended the state Model United Nations conference at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro. Over the course of the three days, the members of the Central Magnet MUN club got to do what they do best: showing off their knowledge of foreign policy in style. With so many delegates attending, they had people doing a little bit of everything: debating resolutions in GA, taking pictures and making posts in DGC, arguing cases in ICJ, creating Summits and Midnight Crisis in Secretariat, and even preventing nuclear war in Security Council. While preparing for conference does take work and sometimes sessions are incredibly stressful, anyone who went will tell you it’s 100% worth it.

 MUN is a great way to get involved and make friends both at school and across the state, and if you’re looking to join, it’s not too late. The club is still accepting new members to go with them to the Youth In Government conference in February, so if you have any questions about joining, ask Mr. Brooks or one of the many students in the hall wearing an extremely fashionable dark green hoodie featuring the UN emblem. And in the meantime, check out some pictures from this year’s MUN conference. 

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