The End of Reading or Simply a New Beginning?

By: Angel Hu As we continue to settle into the normalcy of the school year, we must confront yet another obstacle that prevents us from achieving our desired grade, being homework free on the weekends, and making the most of our middle and high school experiences – required reading.  The narrative is too familiar forContinue reading “The End of Reading or Simply a New Beginning?”

Statesmen Divided: The Contentious Nature of the Ratification of the United States Constitution

By: Brandon Eldridge (eldridgehistory) The formation of a constitutional government in the United States did not smoothly transition from a foreign entity into a seamless governmental structure. Whether through the viewpoint of state legislatures or a stronger national unifying government, the government developed the design of the United States Constitution with an added Bill ofContinue reading “Statesmen Divided: The Contentious Nature of the Ratification of the United States Constitution”

Clubs Are Back Better Than Ever

By: Ella Kate Harris Clubs at Central for the past few years have been very different. With all the online/in-person obstacles, clubs haven’t had as much participation as previous years. This was a result of not attending events including conferences or meetings. This year clubs are starting back in person for the first time inContinue reading “Clubs Are Back Better Than Ever”

Lady Tigers Are Starting Off the Soccer Season Right

By: Rachel Bradley The girls’ soccer 2022 season has started off strong with an amazing pre-season. They beat Oakland for the first time with a 3-0 score continued with a 5-1 win against Stewart’s Creek. The Lady Tigers officially opened their season with a match against Rockvale, which they also won. They cranked out anotherContinue reading “Lady Tigers Are Starting Off the Soccer Season Right”

Gubernatorial Race

By: Mesom Okafor If you weren’t aware already, Tennessee’s governor’s election is coming up! Since it’s important to make informed decisions about election, here’s few things to know about before choosing Tennesse’s 51st governor.   For the 2022 election, the primary republican candidate is Bill Lee, who is also currently serving as our governor. The primaryContinue reading “Gubernatorial Race”

Central’s Sounds of Summer

By: Callie Copeland For me, the stretch of late May to early August is the prime time to explore my love for music. From days out by the pool, to long, late-afternoon drives with the windows down, I find myself making a playlist for any and every summertime activity. With no school commitments demanding earlyContinue reading “Central’s Sounds of Summer”

What a Great Day to Become a Tiger

By: Lola Brown & Noah Koenig As students, we understand the excitement and first day jitters of going to a new school, but rarely do we ask teachers how they feel about it. To start off our year, we decided to talk to some of our new central staff, and really get some insight intoContinue reading “What a Great Day to Become a Tiger”