Middle School Production of Matilda Jr.

Our very own Central Magnet middle school theatre department is currently putting on their very first musical since the shutdown last year. Matilda Jr., based off the beloved children’s book Matilda by Roald Dahl, is showing December 3 and 4 at 7:00pm and December 5 at 5:00pm. You can find more details on Mrs. Sweet’s webpage. I talked with the director, Mrs. Sweet, about how it is coming along.  —  ME: SinceContinue reading “Middle School Production of Matilda Jr.”

Central Magnet Triumphs at Model UN

“For these reasons, I condemn the delegation from Saudi Arabia and urge failure,” said Central Magnet junior Hardy Gardner at the YMCA Model United Nations conference last weekend. Gardner represented the United Kingdom in the General Assembly, where students debate resolutions about global problems. Central Magnet School has been attending Model United Nations, and itsContinue reading “Central Magnet Triumphs at Model UN”

Return to Normalcy?

 As we work our way through the second quarter, we haven’t forgotten the challenges we faced in getting everyone back together here at Central again: from schools closing in March of 2020 to distance learning last year, I’m sure we were all hoping to restore some normalcy with the return of everyone to in-person learning.Continue reading “Return to Normalcy?”

The Activist: CBS Tries to Save Face As New Show Gets Cancelled by Twitter Before Its First Airing

In the CBS Corporation Mission Statement, the company describes itself as “leading the edge of media”. Over a month ago, the company announced that it would be leading the pack in . . . activism reality shows? On Sep. 10, CBS announced the premiere of their new show, “The Activist”, which was set to airContinue reading “The Activist: CBS Tries to Save Face As New Show Gets Cancelled by Twitter Before Its First Airing”

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