Missing the Mark: When Education Becomes a Means to an End

By: Angel Hu In 1990, Leonid Fridman’s article “America Needs its Nerds” was published in the New York Times, calling attention to the pervasiveness of anti-intellectualism in American society. A society where there exist derogatory terms for intelligent individuals. A society where popular culture depicts studious characters as awkward, socially inept outcasts (bonus points ifContinue reading “Missing the Mark: When Education Becomes a Means to an End”

So, How Should Schools Deal With Covid?

May, 2021. This is an important month for a few reasons. This is the month in which many districts across the country begin wrapping up for the year, with most ending the school year by the end of the month. Additionally, the Pfizer vaccine was officially approved to be administered to people 12 and older,Continue reading “So, How Should Schools Deal With Covid?”